First motorcycle for a girl, which models are suitable for women?

Although two-wheeled equipment has long been considered the domain of men, but now this perception is changing. More and more girls prefer to buy a motorcycle, both for urban travel and for active pastime. To explain this is simple – the bike is not only a convenient mode of transportation but also knows how to give bright emotions. In this article, our tech site will give useful tips on choosing the first motorcycle for a woman, what to pay attention to, and what models girls like.

What styles (types) of motorcycles are there?

Классы мотоциклов

First of all, let’s make a brief review of the types because further operating experience depends on it. Like automotive equipment, two-wheeled transport is divided into certain subspecies. Of the most common ones, the following can be distinguished.

Classic motorcycle

Классический мото

This class is often called “road”, “naked” or “urban”. A bike of this class is characterized by a simple design, a minimum amount of plastic, a comfortable seat, classic controls, and a seat with a straight back.


Спортивный мото

As the name implies, it is a sporty motorcycle designed for traveling at high speeds. It has excellent aerodynamics, a sporty fit, and a large number of plastic dodger elements. But, it should be understood that this class gives cool emotions on a sports track, but is not too convenient for everyday travel.

Enduro motorcycle

Эндуро мото

Such models have a dual purpose: moving on public roads, as well as on rough terrain. On such motorcycles, you can ride not only on asphalt but also ride on dirt roads, in the forest. However, they are quite high on the saddle, so they may not be suitable for girls with a small height.


Спорт-турист мото

A fairly popular type of bike, which is somewhat similar to sport bikes, but has a more comfortable fit for long rides. They are distinguished by a comfortable saddle, good wind protection, and the presence of a luggage rack or a system for attaching coffers. However, such motos are usually quite heavy and oversized.

Chopper, cruiser

Чоппер мото

A distinctive feature of these bikes is the almost all-metal construction in a “nothing extra” concept. Usually, they have a wide, comfortable seat with a low seat, high handlebars, and round headlights. There is also a compatible type of “cruisers”, characterized by increased comfort, and the presence of additional equipment.

What type of motorcycle to choose a woman? It depends on your taste, but we recommend stopping at the classic models (especially as a first). As a rule, they have a low weight, a short wheelbase, and a comfortable straight landing. Such bikes are the easiest to handle, which makes them optimal for the city.

About the weight, size, and power of a motorcycle

Габариты и мощность мотоцикла

Regardless of the class of bike, all of them are equipped with engines with different “cubature”, and have different weights and dimensions. These indicators are very important for a woman, so let’s dwell on them in detail.

The importance of the weight of the motorcycle

It’s no secret that the lighter the bike, the easier it is to hold it, if necessary to move it or lift it. Therefore, we recommend girls to choose a moto with minimal weight. For example, small low-cube models weigh on average 110-130 kilograms, which is not much even for a fragile girl. If you have some experience, it is possible to move to heavier motorcycles with a weight of 200-300 kilograms.

Cubature and power of the motorcycle

In general, the power of the bike is directly related to the volume of its engine. The larger it is, the more powerful the bike. However, the question should be approached with caution, because high performance carries a danger for beginners. Our recommendations for cubature:

  • For beginner girls — 125cc, 250cc, 300cc.
  • For the more experienced — 400cc, 500cc, 600cc.
  • For the pros — 700cc, 800cc, 1000cc, 1200cc, and above.

Motorcycle dimensions

The dimensions of a bike are the width of its wheelbase, as well as its overall length, width, and height. Sportbikes, sport-tourers, and cruisers are generally considered the largest. While classic models or small choppers are characterized by more compact dimensions. It should be remembered that a smaller motorcycle will be easier to manage, especially in a dense stream. Particular attention is paid to the height of the saddle, depending on your height. The average height is considered to be about 780 mm.

Recommended models for women’s motorcycles

We have examined the classes of bikes, the parameters of their power, weight, and dimensions. Based on this, we offer examples of quality new and used models (Japan, Korea, Germany, Austria, India, China) suitable for girls.


Yamaha YBR 125

yamaha ybr 125

Honda CB 125

honda cb 125

Bajaj Pulsar NS200

bajaj pulsar ns 200

Kawasaki Z 250SL

kawasaki z 250 sl

Suzuki GSR 250

suzuki gsr 250

КТМ 200 Duke

ktm 200 duke


Yamaha YZF-R125

yamaha yzf r125

BAJAJ Pulsar RS200

bajaj pulsar rs 200


honda cbr 300 r

Kawasaki Ninja 300

kawasaki ninja 300

Enduro, touring

Honda XR150L

honda xr 150 l

Honda CRF 250L Rally

honda crf 250

BMW G 310 GS

bmw g 310 gs

KAYO 250, Geon 250

kayo 250


Bajaj Avenger Street 220

bajaj avenger street 220

Yamaha Drag Star 250

yamaha drag star 250

Honda CMX 250 Rebel

honda cmx 250 rebel

Hyosung GV 250 AQUILA

hyosung gv 250

We hope we have helped you choose your first motorcycle for a woman. We wish you smooth roads and the brightest impressions from riding a bike!