What is artillery and what kind of artillery weapons are there?

In an article published earlier, we examined the types of troops, branches of the armies of the world (including Ukraine and Russia). For most of the armed forces of various states, the main and most numerous are the ground forces. Such formations also include artillery, as one of the most effective defensive and offensive means. Today you will find out what artillery weapons exist and how they differ.

Artillery – “gods of war”

That is what this type of troops is called. It is artillery that causes the main damage to the enemy in battles, and in the presence of various types of weapons, it can solve a wide variety of tactical tasks. The analogy with the “gods” was also born because the shells tend to “appear out of nowhere”, falling on the heads of the enemy at given coordinates. At the same time, not everyone understands the types of artillery pieces. Let’s look at the main ones.

Military cannon

Что такое пушка

This is a long-barreled artillery gun with various calibers, which is fired along a gentle trajectory. In other words, a cannon is often fired at visible targets, including moving ones. Thus, the cannon is more of a defensive weapon.


Что такое гаубица

Artillery gun with a shorter barrel, which is fired along a hinged (steep) trajectory. This is the main difference from the cannon, the howitzer has the ability to hit targets outside the direct line of sight, including behind enemy lines. This makes the howitzer an excellent offensive weapon.

Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS)

Что такое РСЗО

Such weapons are sometimes referred to as “rocket artillery”. This is a complex of multiply charged rocket weapons, consisting of: a launcher, rockets, a transport base. Advantage in rate of fire, mobility, range of destruction.


Что такое миномет

This type of weapon, in various designs, can refer to both artillery and infantry weapons. It differs from cannons and howitzers in a simpler recoilless design, smaller caliber. It fires mines and is designed for mounted shelling of hidden targets at short distances.

Anti-aircraft gun

Что такое зенитка

This is an artillery mount on a carriage or chassis, with the possibility of all-round fire at a high upward angle. Anti-aircraft guns, in the first place, are designed to combat aircraft. Although there are many examples of other uses of weapons, for example, to destroy tanks or other ground targets. They differ mainly in the size of the caliber, from small to large. Modern anti-aircraft installations can operate in automatic mode. Portable anti-aircraft systems can be included in a separate category.

In addition to the above, anti-tank guided missiles, recoilless rifles and other specific weapons are less common.