What is a visual novel game? How to play?

The category of computer and mobile games offers many genres and their subspecies. The genre of “visual novel” is considered quite new and promising. Despite the seeming simplicity of the gameplay, these games have many advantages over others. This is an interesting plot, unique dialogues, bright characters with their own personalities and behaviors. In this article, I will talk in detail about this type of games.

The visual novel is…

Описание жанра визуальный роман

This genre appeared in the early 1990s and is popular primarily in Japan. At the moment, such games are widely used all over the world, including in Russia, Ukraine and other countries.

A visual novel is an illustrated story that is served through the display of text, backgrounds, characters (sprites), game items. Interactivity in such games is implemented through options for choosing the development of the plot, answers in dialogues and other actions.

In simpler terms, a visual novel can be described as an animated book or comic book. You consistently “live” the life of the hero and his interaction with other characters, participate in the development of the plot and the whole story. There is a subspecies of a kinetic game in which the plot is linear, that is, it takes place without the participation of the player. But the most commonly used style is “Adventure”, when you become a full participant, independently decide how the story will develop and what its logical conclusion will be.

Why should you play a visual novel?

Как играть в визуальные новеллы

For experienced “gamers”, this genre of games may not seem interactive enough. In fact, a good visual novel is a very interesting and not boring game that can give more impressions than classic genres. I will give just a few arguments in favor of this type:

  • Complex and interesting scenario. It is as if you are reading a book with deep meanings, which, among other things, is animated and illustrated. The story in quality visual novels is always exciting, with unexpected twists and endings that depend on your decision.
  • Amazing heroes and characters. The visual novel format allows you to fully reveal the character, temperament, beliefs and worldview of the hero.
  • Immersion depth. Unlike conventional games, where the gameplay is more important than its meaning, in a visual novel, the opposite is true. You have the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the story, love or hate the characters, take part in their history.
  • Good way to relax. Playing through a visual novel is a thoughtful, calm process, akin to reading an interesting book. No need to rush anywhere and make rash decisions.
  • A real gift for fans. Often, visual novels are created by fans of books, movies, and other popular games. You can re-acquaint yourself with your favorite characters, walk the path with them, get inspired and get a dose of pleasure.
  • Lots of free visual novels. On the Internet you can find many games that you do not need to buy, you can download to your computer, phone or play directly in your browser.

How are visual novels developed?

Разработка визуальных романов

The process of creating a visual novel is very different from developing another genre of games. The main thing is a high-quality, interesting text, and only then the visual part. In other words, first of all, a talented writer or screenwriter can create a cool game. And already illustrations, interactive, music and general gameplay elements are selected for its text. For the development of visual novels, engines are mainly used: Unity, Ren’Py, NScripter and others.