Which electric bike to choose? Types of electric transport

Buying an e-bike is always a good idea! On such transport, you can move almost free of charge. Now there are many different types of such vehicles on the market, let’s decide which one is right for you?

Types of electric transport (bikes, scooters, hoverboards, etc.)

Of course, I can’t list absolutely all types of this technique. Periodically, new or hybrid variants appear. Therefore, we will focus on those that are most common.

Electric kick scooter

Что такое электро самокат

As the name implies, this is an ordinary scooter equipped with an electric engine (wheel motor). Usually, it is ridden standing up, but there are options with a seat. There are also models of double scooters.

Electric bike

Что такое электрический велосипед

In other words, an electric bike. There are both full-size, standard dimensions, and compact, folding. In addition to the original models, there are a vast number of converted bicycles that simply install a motor wheel, battery, control unit, and other attributes of electric transport.


Что такое фэтбайк

This is a slightly modified bicycle, which is different by wide wheels with high rubber, and a solid frame, often equipped with shock absorbers.

Electric scooter

Что такое электрический скутер

All the same familiar format of a compact scooter (moped), on which an electric motor is used instead of a gasoline engine. It differs from bicycles in the presence of a body kit made of plastic, a wide seat, and sometimes a trunk.

Electric motorcycle

Что такое электромотоцикл

At the moment, there are quite a few models of electric motorcycles, both compact urban size and large dimensions.


Что такое гироскутер

A two-wheeled device, which is a base in the form of a flat platform for the feet, on the sides of which there are wheels. Moving forward, braking and turning are carried out by tilting the body.

Monowheel (unicycles)

Что такое моноколесо

Probably the most compact, albeit a peculiar option. It has only one wheel, as a rule, of a rather large size, on the sides of which there are steps. As in the case of a gyro scooter, control is implemented by tilting the body forward, backward, and to the sides.

What is better electric kick scooter, motorcycle, or bike?

Разница между электобайком, самокатом, скутером, мотоциклом

The choice of the type of equipment is related to its tasks and the preferences of the owner. Of course, technical specifications also play an important role. Let’s take a quick look at them:

  • Size and weight. It depends on how easy it will be to bring the vehicle into the apartment, lift it, or load it into the trunk of a car. But do not forget to take into account your height and weight.
  • Electric motor power. For those who like to drive actively and drive, devices with a powerful engine and several speeds are suitable. Those who prefer to move calmly and measuredly can choose weaker motors without changing gears.
  • Power reserve. The battery in conjunction with the controller is responsible for this indicator. The more power it has and the higher the voltage, the more distance you can drive.
  • Charging speed. Everything is simple here – the faster the device is charged, the sooner it can be used.
  • Auxiliary equipment. This can be light, dimensions, cruise control, protective elements in the form of wings, the presence of a trunk, etc.

Now let’s look at the features. So, an electric scooter is good in urban conditions for trips over short distances. If it is discharged somewhere on the road, you will have to carry it on yourself, since it will be difficult to use it as a regular scooter. An electric bike (bike or fat bike) wins in this. At any time, you can help the motor with pedals (if the bike is equipped with them), so even on a weak battery, the trip distance increases. In extreme cases, you can reach your destination using your muscle power.

Electric scooters and motorcycles are quite heavy equipment. It gives a lot of emotions and amenities in good, charged condition. But it can become a burden if you miscalculate the distance traveled. However, expensive electric motorcycles offer an impressive range of travel, so if you charge them in time, there will be no problems.

People say different things about hoverboards and unicycles. On the one hand, these are the most compact devices that can be carried just at hand or by a special handle. On the other hand, not everyone will dare to move without a physical steering wheel. That is, it will take some time to get used to the controls. Again, you can travel far only on powerful devices with a good battery.


What have we learned?

  1. Electric scooters, gyroscooters, and monowheels are suitable for urban use and short runs (except for powerful “long-range” devices).
  2. Electric bicycles and their subspecies — allow you to help the motor with your feet, so you can travel a greater distance and achieve high speed. In addition, thanks to the presence of a seat, they are more comfortable and less tiring to ride. Although, it is worth considering the larger dimensions of such transport.
  3. Scooters and electric motorcycles are for more experienced riders. They are the most practical and provide additional protection from the weather, and comfort. But like any complex, multi-component technique, they need additional care and maintenance.

I hope this article was useful and will help you choose electric transport to your liking!