The best manufacturers of tactical clothing and equipment

Now, quite a lot of companies produce specialized ammunition for the military, tourists, and athletes. Given such a variety of brands, it is difficult to figure out which ones are high quality. I have compiled a small list of well-known manufacturers of military equipment from around the world.

Military clothing from the USA

Американская военная одежда

The most famous brands from North America that are responsible for the quality and functionality of their items:

  • 5.11 Tactical;
  • Propper;
  • Crye Precision;
  • Belleville;
  • First Tactical;
  • Magpul;
  • Magnum;
  • La Police Gear;
  • Alta Industries;
  • Sitka;
  • Condor;
  • BlackHawk;
  • Oakley;
  • Danner;
  • Flying Cross;
  • Mechanix Wear;
  • Rothco;
  • CamelBak;
  • LOWA.

Tactical clothing from Europe

Европейские бренды тактической экипировки

This list includes well-known military brands from European countries (Great Britain, Germany, Poland, etc.):

  • Viper Tactical;
  • Helikon-TEX;
  • Pentagon Tactical;
  • MIL-TEC;
  • Tasmanian Tiger;
  • Kombat UK;
  • HAIX;
  • Bulldog Tactical;
  • Jack Pyke;
  • Recon;
  • Vogel.

Ukrainian brands of military clothing

Украинский производитель военной одежды

A lot of tactical clothing is produced in Ukraine, given the full-scale war unleashed by Russia. Of the most popular, I will single out the company M-TAC.

You can safely buy clothes, shoes, backpacks, pouches, gloves, and other equipment from these companies, it is made of quality materials and lasts a long time. I hope the material was useful, read more interesting articles in my blog!