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First motorcycle for a girl, which models are suitable for women?

Although two-wheeled equipment has long been considered the domain of men, but now this perception is changing. More and more girls prefer to buy a motorcycle, both for urban travel and for active pastime. To explain this is simple – the bike is not only a convenient mode of transportation but also knows how to give bright emotions. In this article, our tech site will give useful tips on choosing the first motorcycle for a woman, what to pay attention to, and what models girls like.

What styles (types) of motorcycles are there?

Классы мотоциклов

First of all, let’s make a brief review of the types because further operating experience depends on it. Like automotive equipment, two-wheeled transport is divided into certain subspecies. Of the most common ones, the following can be distinguished.

Classic motorcycle

Классический мото

This class is often called “road”, “naked” or “urban”. A bike of this class is characterized by a simple design, a minimum amount of plastic, a comfortable seat, classic controls, and a seat with a straight back.


Спортивный мото

As the name implies, it is a sporty motorcycle designed for traveling at high speeds. It has excellent aerodynamics, a sporty fit, and a large number of plastic dodger elements. But, it should be understood that this class gives cool emotions on a sports track, but is not too convenient for everyday travel.

Enduro motorcycle

Эндуро мото

Such models have a dual purpose: moving on public roads, as well as on rough terrain. On such motorcycles, you can ride not only on asphalt but also ride on dirt roads, in the forest. However, they are quite high on the saddle, so they may not be suitable for girls with a small height.


Спорт-турист мото

A fairly popular type of bike, which is somewhat similar to sport bikes, but has a more comfortable fit for long rides. They are distinguished by a comfortable saddle, good wind protection, and the presence of a luggage rack or a system for attaching coffers. However, such motos are usually quite heavy and oversized.

Chopper, cruiser

Чоппер мото

A distinctive feature of these bikes is the almost all-metal construction in a “nothing extra” concept. Usually, they have a wide, comfortable seat with a low seat, high handlebars, and round headlights. There is also a compatible type of “cruisers”, characterized by increased comfort, and the presence of additional equipment.

What type of motorcycle to choose a woman? It depends on your taste, but we recommend stopping at the classic models (especially as a first). As a rule, they have a low weight, a short wheelbase, and a comfortable straight landing. Such bikes are the easiest to handle, which makes them optimal for the city.

About the weight, size, and power of a motorcycle

Габариты и мощность мотоцикла

Regardless of the class of bike, all of them are equipped with engines with different “cubature”, and have different weights and dimensions. These indicators are very important for a woman, so let’s dwell on them in detail.

The importance of the weight of the motorcycle

It’s no secret that the lighter the bike, the easier it is to hold it, if necessary to move it or lift it. Therefore, we recommend girls to choose a moto with minimal weight. For example, small low-cube models weigh on average 110-130 kilograms, which is not much even for a fragile girl. If you have some experience, it is possible to move to heavier motorcycles with a weight of 200-300 kilograms.

Cubature and power of the motorcycle

In general, the power of the bike is directly related to the volume of its engine. The larger it is, the more powerful the bike. However, the question should be approached with caution, because high performance carries a danger for beginners. Our recommendations for cubature:

  • For beginner girls — 125cc, 250cc, 300cc.
  • For the more experienced — 400cc, 500cc, 600cc.
  • For the pros — 700cc, 800cc, 1000cc, 1200cc, and above.

Motorcycle dimensions

The dimensions of a bike are the width of its wheelbase, as well as its overall length, width, and height. Sportbikes, sport-tourers, and cruisers are generally considered the largest. While classic models or small choppers are characterized by more compact dimensions. It should be remembered that a smaller motorcycle will be easier to manage, especially in a dense stream. Particular attention is paid to the height of the saddle, depending on your height. The average height is considered to be about 780 cm.

Recommended models for women’s motorcycles

We have examined the classes of bikes, the parameters of their power, weight, and dimensions. Based on this, we offer examples of quality new and used models (Japan, Korea, Germany, Austria, India, China) suitable for girls.


Yamaha YBR 125

yamaha ybr 125

Honda CB 125

honda cb 125

Bajaj Pulsar NS200

bajaj pulsar ns 200

Kawasaki Z 250SL

kawasaki z 250 sl

Suzuki GSR 250

suzuki gsr 250

КТМ 200 Duke

ktm 200 duke


Yamaha YZF-R125

yamaha yzf r125

BAJAJ Pulsar RS200

bajaj pulsar rs 200


honda cbr 300 r

Kawasaki Ninja 300

kawasaki ninja 300

Enduro, touring

Honda XR150L

honda xr 150 l

Honda CRF 250L Rally

honda crf 250

BMW G 310 GS

bmw g 310 gs

KAYO 250, Geon 250

kayo 250


Bajaj Avenger Street 220

bajaj avenger street 220

Yamaha Drag Star 250

yamaha drag star 250

Honda CMX 250 Rebel

honda cmx 250 rebel

Hyosung GV 250 AQUILA

hyosung gv 250

We hope we have helped you choose your first motorcycle for a woman. We wish you smooth roads and the brightest impressions from riding a bike!

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Manufacturing defects in Apple’s products

Regular readers of my blog have probably already guessed that I am a fan of Apple technology. Indeed, I am. Right now, I am typing this article on a MacBook Air, with an iMac waiting at home and an iPhone in my pocket. And in general, due to my professional activity, I have held in my hands a huge number of different devices of this brand. Therefore, I consider my choice to be justified. But this is not the topic of today’s material. With all the love for “Apple” gadgets, it is worth admitting that they are not perfect. The corporation’s engineers are cool, but they also make blunders. These are the cases I will tell you about.

What is a manufacturing defect?

Factory defect is

First of all, we need to understand what is a factory defect. According to the official definition, it is a product manufactured in violation of production standards. Accordingly, at the testing stage, such defective devices should be withdrawn and sent for recycling. But not everything is so simple. The fact is that many defects are hidden, or are manifested after a certain period of operation. Thus, you can buy a seemingly fully serviceable gadget in a store, but over time you will encounter an unexpected breakdown, discover a defect in assembly, etc.

With Apple products – it would seem that there is nothing wrong with reliability. The company produces equipment to the highest standards and performs multiple checks for compliance with quality criteria. But sometimes it happens so that the defect becomes a surprise for the company itself. There are many examples, such as an unfortunate location of the cooling cooler, poor sealing of the screen unit, too short a display loop, vulnerability to dust keyboard mechanism, and much more. In other words, the corporation develops a new device, tests it, launches it into production… And after a while, it “sits in a puddle”. I must give Apple credit – most of the recognized defects are eliminated free of charge, or a replacement program is launched.

Examples of Apple product defects

For the readers of my blog, I have put together a small selection of famous examples of defects in technology. I think you will find it interesting to familiarize yourself with the punctures of engineers, and perhaps even allow you to know your case.

Flexgate screen cable defect on MacBook Pro

Флексгейт Макбук Про

The 2016-2018 edition of the Macbook Pro has over time manifested a problem that has been dubbed “Flexgate“. The company’s engineers made a miscalculation by making the flexible display loop too short. Because of what it quickly frayed or broke when opening the lid of the laptop. As a result, the image shows stripes, and artifacts, filling with one color. Subsequently, this detail was improved.

Curved display on the iMac M1 (2021)

Косо установленный дисплей Аймак 24

One of the most recent examples is that on some of Apple’s new 24-inch monoblock, the screen may be “skewed”. In other words, it’s mounted unevenly on the foot, easily identified by measuring the distance between its corners and the table.

“Green” screen on iPhone 12

зеленый цвет на экране Айфона 12

Some owners of brand new Model 12 iPhones have discovered that the display image has a greenish tint. Apple did recognize the problem, although it did not hurry to make loud statements about the mass defect. This fact may be due to the huge demand for this model, so the requirements for the quality of its components may have been reduced.

Bright lights on edge of the iPad Pro 12.9 display

засветы на Айпад Про

The new model of the tablet based on the M1 processor pleased fans with its huge power and high speed. But it did not do without a “spoonful of tar”. Many owners of iPad Pro noticed that on a black screen, there is a “halo” effect around light parts. It is not yet known how widespread the problem is, but the fact remains.

Crackling in the AirPods Pro headphones

треск в наушниках Эйр Подс

The company received numerous user complaints about annoying crackling in one or two headphones. This defect was not eliminated by software means, so, in the end, Apple did recognize the defect in a small number of devices. Accordingly, it launched a program to replace the defective headphones.

These are just a few examples that show that even a tech giant like Apple is not immune to missteps. The good news is that the company usually recognizes its mistakes and tries to correct them. And that’s worthy of respect.

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Portable MacBook charger, how to choose the right one?

When we buy a new Apple MacBook, we get the original charger in the kit, as well as a power cable depending on the type of ports (USB-C, MagSafe). These accessories are already maximally compatible with your MacBook model, so there’s no need to check the power, data transfer speed, and so on. But for all the advantages of Apple adapters, there is a disadvantage. They’re quite large and heavy, so they’re not convenient to carry around. Therefore, it is a good idea to buy a portable charger from another manufacturer. And today we will tell you how to choose the right one.

What types of MacBook chargers are available

Лучшие зарядные устройства для MacBook

Let’s say you already have an original Apple power adapter, then the best option is to use it at home, in the office, and for traveling or working anywhere else, get a so-called “travel adapter”. Which will be more compact and lightweight, allowing you to keep it in your bag or backpack at all times. However, it is very important to choose the right device that will be fully compatible with your Mac model. Hence, you need to choose a charger based on the following parameters:

  • The quality of manufacturing of the chargers. We recommend giving preference to well-known brands that offer high-quality and safe accessories. Among the popular brands are Baseus, Ugreen, Anker, and others.
  • The power of the charging adapter. It should not be lower than the standard, but it can be more powerful. For example, if your MacBook Pro 13″ comes with a 61W adapter, you can safely buy a device with 65W power.
  • Type of charging connector. All such gadgets have corresponding output ports that should be compatible with your MacBook. That is, if the laptop has a USB Type-C port, then the adapter should have the same on it. In the case of the new MagSafe 3 cords, they also have a USB-C connector on the backside. In addition, the power supply can be equipped with several ports, which is convenient for charging additional gadgets. However, in this case, you should take a charger of increased power, since the voltage will be distributed among all devices.
  • Power and type of charging cable. Often chargers are sold without a cord in the set, so it must be purchased separately. Pay special attention to the power, it is necessarily indicated on the packaging of the product. As in the previous case, the power can be higher than necessary, but not lower, because then the optimal voltage will not be provided. Also, look at the type of cable connectors, they must match the charging and Mac ports.
Зарядный кабель MacBook

These are the main indicators for selecting a power supply and cord. We advise you to pay attention to the color of the product, dark colors are less dirty, so they will keep a tidy appearance longer. It is not unreasonable to pick up the necessary length of the cable so that it is enough to reach the outlet. Read other useful tips on using Apple Mac technology on our portal!

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The new MacBook Air 2023: 15 inches of lightness and grace

The long-awaited premiere of Apple’s new products took place at the WWDC 2023 conference. We saw a lot of gadgets: MacBook Air 15″, Mac Pro on M2 Ultra, updated Mac Studio, and, of course, AR glasses Vision Pro. I will talk about all of these devices in future articles, as well as new versions of macOS, iOS, WatchOS, and iPadOS. But today’s review is dedicated to the coolest, in my opinion, device — the 15-inch MacBook Air!

Why is a 15″ screen on a MacBook Air cool?

Сравнение Макбук Эйр 13 и 15
Отличия в размере MacBook Air 13 и 15 дюймов

While watching the presentation, I was somewhat shocked. Yes, I know that Apple laptops with 15-inch displays have not been available for a long time. But it was a pleasant surprise that the Air picked up the baton. In general, for me, as for many others, was the incomprehensible policy of the company, which was removed from the line of medium-sized laptops. Instead, they were offered only 13, 14, or 16 inches. And as practice shows – it is either not enough, or already too much. “Fifteen” has always been in high demand, because these dimensions are optimal for carrying in the bag and working on the table. But now, Apple has finally realized its mistake and returned the familiar format to its place.

During my “friendship” with Apple technology, I have worked with various laptops. And each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, small 13-inch Air and Pro – are very convenient and mobile, suitable for those who travel a lot, used to working outside the home or office. Large 16-inch machines are ideal for professional activities, but due to their unwieldiness are difficult to carry. You can also think of MacBook Pro 14, it is some kind of alternative. But still, something is missing. Therefore, a 15-inch screen – is the best! This is the universal size, which is equally comfortable in different environments.

MacBook Air 15 M2 (2023) Overview

Варианты цвета Макбук Эйр 15
Расцветки корпуса

So, what does the new product look like? It differs from the previous generation only in the size of the display, without taking into account other minor improvements. The design remains the same, as well as the colors: Silver, Starlight, Space Gray, Midnight. At the same time, despite the increased size, the thickness of the body is pleasantly pleasing, only 1.15 cm. At the moment – it is the thinnest and lightest (1.51 kg) laptop Apple with a screen diagonal of 15 inches of all released earlier. The physical size is 1.15 cm x 34.04 cm x 23.76 cm (fits nicely in a bag or backpack).

More about the display. As already mentioned, its diagonal is 15.3 inches (Liquid Retina), and it is created using modern LED-backlit display technology with IPS. Resolution: 2880 by 1864 pixels, brightness of 500 nits, P3 wide color, support for True Tone. So, except for the increased viewing area – the other parameters are identical to last year’s MacBook Air 13″ 2022. This is even good, as the screen is high quality and does not cause any complaints.

And what about the hardware? Here the changes are less, or rather they are absent at all. Except that the M2 processor is offered only in one variant with 10 graphics cores.

Technical Specifications

  • Chip: Apple M2 (8 cores).
  • Graphics: 10-core.
  • RAM: 8, 16, 24 GB (100GB/s bandwidth).
  • SSD capacity: 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, 2TB.
  • Ports and connectors: MagSafe 3, 3.5 mm audio, two Thunderbolt / USB 4.
  • Lithium Polymer Battery: 66.5-watt-hour.
  • Battery life: Up to 18 hours.
  • Charging adapter: 35W Dual USB-C (with 70W charging support).
Технические параметры Макбук Эйр 2023

About the built-in camera, keyboard, and trackpad there is nothing to tell, they are completely the same as in the previous model. From the interesting features, I will note that the new MacBook Air has 6 speakers instead of 4, which will theoretically improve the sound, although it was already excellent.

Instead of conclusions

Any summary of the novelty will be subjective, but I will share my own opinion. It seems to me that the new Air 2023 will quickly and firmly occupy its niche, finding a large number of fans. It is the lightest, thinnest laptop Apple, with an optimal display diagonal of 15 “. The modern chip M2 provides excellent performance, which is enough for both office work, study, and complex work in professional programs. At the same time, the attractive design and the choice of colors, you can choose the body to your liking. It is also important that the price for the novelty is more than democratic, in the official store it starts from 1299 dollars for the basic package.

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Thermal paste for different MacBook models

An important point in the maintenance of the MacBook is the replacement of thermal paste. This is necessary because it hardens and loses its heat-conducting properties over time. Accordingly, excess heat from the chips is no longer effectively transferred to the cooling radiator and the computer overheats. Based on this, choosing the right thermal paste for Mac is necessary, especially since their composition is different.

Thermal paste for MacBook Pro, Air (Intel)

Термопаста для Макбук Про

Regardless of the year of manufacture and type of CPU (Intel, Apple Silicon), the design of the cooling system for MacBook Pro and Air (Intel) is built on the same principle. The heat from the chip is transferred through a layer of thermal paste to the heatsink, which in turn is equipped with a cooler (fan). It is also interesting to know that Mac’s aluminum case is also a kind of “heatsink”, it heats up and thus dissipates heat into the environment.

In such laptops, the gap between the chip and the heatsink is very narrow these parts are in contact with each other. Therefore, a sufficiently liquid thermal paste is applied to the chip, which spreads over the surface and fills the space. However, care must be taken to ensure that excess paste does not squeeze out onto the motherboard, so the layer should be thin and even. The recognized leader in the production of thermal paste is Arctic, you can also choose other brands:

  • Arctic MX-4 (MX-5, MX-6);
  • Grizzly Kryonaut;
  • GELID GC-Extreme;
  • etc.

Thermal pad for MacBook Air (M1, M2)

Термопаста для Макбук Эйр М1, М2

Unlike other Mac models, the MacBook Air with an ARM processor does not have a cooling fan. In other words, the heat from the chip is transferred directly to the heatsink. The developer implemented such a solution because this model is more thermally efficient, that is, it heats up less. This led to some changes in the cooling system. The gap between the CPU and the heatsink is wider here, so regular thermal paste won’t work. The so-called thick paste (gasket, thermal interface) is used. Such material has a higher viscosity, the composition resembles chewing gum. Good manufacturers include:

  • K5PRO;
  • Arctic Thermal Pad;
  • Gelid Solutions.

Replacing thermal paste on a MacBook seems like a simple procedure. However, such work is far from being possible for all users, because experience and a special tool are required for disassembly, proper cleaning, and applying the paste. Therefore, I do not recommend doing such experiments yourself if you are not sure. It is better to contact a good Apple service, where the regulations have already been established and compatible tools are used.

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What happens if you don’t update macOS for a long time?

Every year, Apple releases a new version of the operating system for the Mac. Some of them are really revolutionary, improve the interface, and add new functionality. Others offer only “cosmetic” changes and fixes to stability issues. A large number of users continue to use outdated versions of macOS, such as Mojave, Sierra, and others. Why is this happening and what threatens an untimely update?

Why Mac owners don’t want to update the system?

Скорость работы Mac OS

As I already wrote, many users continue using outdated operating system versions. Of course, if you have a fairly old MacBook model, you will not be able to install a new OS, because it does not support updates. However, some people intentionally block new versions, usually with the following arguments:

  • The previous Mac OS is faster and has a lower consumption of computer resources (especially if there are not enough of them).
  • I like the interface of the old version of the system.
  • The habit of using classic programs and applications, such as Notes, Mail, and others, which have changed or disappeared in new versions.
  • Ability to work in 32-bit programs (up to Catalina).

By the way, despite the discontinuation of a certain version of Mac OS, Apple continues to support it. Updates come periodically to improve security and stability. However, this does not apply to completely “ancient” systems.

Disadvantages of legacy versions of macOS

Совместимость версий macOS

I have listed some subjective benefits. But there are more cons. Here are just a few of them:

  • Inability to use new opportunities and system options. For example, there is no Music app, AirPods do not switch between devices, etc.
  • New versions of applications are not supported by older Mac OS, so you have to look for and install old ones from third-party resources.
  • Incorrect work of the Apple ecosystem. For example, the Locator search system needs to be updated, there are problems when interacting with other devices, and there is no access to some proprietary services.
  • Small but unpleasant errors: modern emojis are not displayed, some notes cannot be opened, or other files were created in new versions of operating systems.
  • Lack of full developer support, timely security updates, compatibility fixes, etc.

Brief conclusions

It is possible to use old versions of the system for Mac for a long time, in fact, this does not affect the “health” of the computer in any way. However, this option has more disadvantages than advantages, and significantly complicates the work with modern software. Therefore, it is more advisable to update your macOS after all, before that, be sure to create a backup copy and check compatibility.

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Choosing the best generator for home or office

Constant interruptions in power supply make us think about an alternative power source for home, office, or cottage. Popular solutions include powerful external batteries, portable power stations, and various types of generators. If in the first case the battery or station needs to be periodically charged (when there is light), then in the second case it is a completely autonomous device that runs on fuel (gasoline, diesel, gas). Today we will talk about choosing a generator for powering home appliances.

What type of generator to buy?

Типы генераторов

Such equipment is of different types. However, not all consumers understand which generator is worth buying. Let’s take a look at the most common questions.

Generator power calculation

Мощность генератора, какой достаточно

This indicator is measured in watts (W), which means the more powerful the device, the more watts it produces. At this stage, it is necessary to understand that a very powerful device is not needed at all to power household devices and lighting. But, the weak one is also not worth choosing, because it will not pull a large number of connected equipment. There is a universal calculation that will help you decide:

  • Up to 3 kW (3000 watts). The most common options for home use. Such a generator can power, for example, a refrigerator, computer, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, etc. And also completely illuminate the house.
  • From 3 kW to 5 kW (5000 watts). Also used to power a small house, apartment, or office. They have a power reserve for the simultaneous use of a large number of devices.
  • From 5 kW to 7 kW (7000 watts). Professional generators for large houses, offices, and shops. Allows you to connect industrial refrigerators, boilers, electric boilers, and other equipment.
  • From 10 kW (10000 watts). Industrial generators, the power of which is enough to power a supermarket, workshop, construction equipment.

Correctly calculating your equipment will allow you to correctly calculate the required generator power. I recommend that you make a list of equipment that needs to be powered, and write out how many watts it consumes. Such information is always indicated on the stickers or in the technical specifications. For example, a MacBook consumes 45 to 100 W (depending on the model), a refrigerator about 700 W, a TV 250 W, a computer 400 W, an iron 1000 W, and a washing machine 2000 W*. Add up all these numbers and get the total power. Also, do not forget that some devices require starting voltage, for example, a vacuum cleaner at the beginning of work requires a factor of 2-2.5 times more.

* These are indicative figures.

Thus, the best option for home use is a 3-5 kW generator. It is also important that such devices are as economical as possible in fuel consumption. Most often, the flow rate is from 0.7 to 1.0 liters per hour. It should also be noted that single-phase generators are the most common.

Fuel for the generator

Виды топлива для генератора

The next question is the choice of fuel type. Gasoline generators are the most popular (about 60% of the total), followed by diesel (about 25%), as well as gas (15%). It is the gasoline that is considered the best option, they have a fairly compact size, reduced noise level, and lower cost compared to others. Diesel engines are also popular but are recommended for large homes or commercial premises due to their size and power. They are more durable (the resource of motor hours is 2-3 times higher), and economical. However, they have a high price and require a separate place for installation. Gas generators are not very popular, they are professional machines for highly specialized conditions.

What is better conventional or an inverter generator?

Инвенторные генераторы сравнение

Now there are more and more inverter generators on the market. Despite the high price, they have several advantages. Firstly, it is high stability without power surges, safety, compact dimensions, low noise level, which allows you to install the device even on the balcony of an apartment. Among other advantages, one can single out maximum efficiency, small harmful emissions, and moisture protection. There is, in fact, only one drawback — a rather high cost compared to analogs of the same power. However, if the budget allows, I recommend buying just this type of generator, because it is a modern, technological device.

I hope these tips will help in choosing, also do not forget about the safety rules when handling this type of equipment.

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Apex Legends Mobile, how to play?

Apex Legends Mobile for iPhone and iPad became the game of the year according to the App Store Award 2022. The game also received high marks among Android users. In this article, I briefly but interestingly talk about a new mobile shooter, in many ways reminiscent of Fortnite from Epic Games.

What is Apex Legends Mobile?

О чем игра Apex Legends Mobile

This game is quite famous for users of Windows PC and consoles, it was released in 2019. Produced by the largest American studio Electronic Arts. An interesting point is that the presentation of the product took place without a wide advertising campaign, which did not prevent the toy from gaining popularity and a multimillion audience of fans very quickly.

On May 17, 2022, the same publisher Electronic Arts presented a mobile version of the game in the “royal battle” genre. It was a transfer of the desktop version to smartphones and tablets, which did not change the essence but made adjustments to the gameplay and controls. At the moment, Apex Legends Mobile is one of the most downloaded games in the App Store and Google Play.

Game description

Как играть в Апекс Легенд Мобайл

So, let’s start with a brief introduction. As I already wrote, this toy is made in the genre of a multiplayer first-person shooter, or “battle royale”. As a fan of the original Fortnite, the most popular game in the genre, I noticed a general resemblance. All the same teamwork, the principle of survival, and mechanics. But there are some differences. For example, if Fortnite does not have unique character abilities by default, Apex Legends has them. That is, in the first case, the gamer does not have certain advantages, everyone enters the process on an equal footing, arming himself along the way and collecting other ammunition. Thus, it all depends on your skill and experience.

In the second case, the concept of characters (avatars) in Apex Legends Mobile is built a little differently. So, before starting, you can choose a hero with super abilities inherent only to him. This largely determines the style of play and the use of the strengths of the character. On the one hand, this introduces some confusion for beginners, on the other hand, you can experiment and find the most suitable avatar for you. There is also “pumping” and getting points for buying improvements.

How to play? The principle is quite traditional: the game involves teams of 3 people (there is no solo mode), which land on the island of the “royal battle”. The circle gradually narrows, gathering all the surviving participants in the place of the final confrontation. During the game, you find weapons, shields, and other equipment. Two more modes are offered separately: arena and shooting range. Also, every newbie is trained at the very beginning.

Download Apex Legends Mobile for free

Скачивание Апекс Легенд Мобайл

You can install the game on both iOS and Android devices. The product is free but contains paid purchases, such as a battle pass. Please note that players from the Russian Federation may need to enable VPN.

Given the novelty of the product, the further development of the universe is of interest, we will follow the events and innovations!

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The operating system of the Universe

Many of us are familiar with Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. According to it, the movement of objects in space should be considered from a position relative to each other, taking the speed of light as a unit of measurement. In simple terms, this can be illustrated by such an example. When an astronomer from Earth observes a distant planet, he sees only the light reflected from it, which overcomes a distance of millions of light years. Thus, perhaps this planet no longer exists, because while empty space forms in its place, millions of more years will pass, during which light will still reach the Earth.

Despite this very simplified explanation, it becomes obvious that distance and time are relative to the position of the observer. In other words, I believe that the very perception of time and space depends only on who measures them and how. From his existing system of coordinates and understanding of the essence of things. Can we assume that in this case, the fundamental nature of time and space does not exist as such? Yes, it is.

Relativity of time, space and matter

Imagine an ordinary path in a city park. You go out on it and take one single step (approximately 70-80 cm). It will only take you half a second. But for a normal ant, it will take about 6 seconds to cover this distance (at a speed of about 0.15 m/s). So, for you, it’s a very short distance, but for the ant — it’s a much longer distance. What does it mean? That the perception of distance and time depends on the particular individual. Again, a person covering a distance of 40 km on foot will take as much as 10 hours. And for a car, only 30 minutes at a speed of 80 km/h.

We are accustomed to a certain system of measuring time and distance. These are seconds (minutes, hours), as well centimeters (meters, miles). This system was not invented by us, we just accepted and use it as a basis. It was introduced to us by society and teachers from childhood and became undeniable and does not need justification. But imagine that ants are endowed with intelligence, and have created their units of measurement. What is a short distance for us is a long distance for them. We won’t even notice the time of passing a hundred steps, but for them, it will take a whole day. For a hypothetical giant that covers 1,000 kilometers in one step, this is a second of time, but for us, an eternity.

The same applies to size, weight, power, etc. After all, what seems big to us is small for an elephant, and simply huge for an ant. The perception of a system of measurements is just an accepted system of coordinates in our brain, while in fact it does not exist.

Mind and body

Everyone knows the saying that there are no limits to thought. She lives outside of time and space, in a completely different dimension than the physical shell. In an instant, thanks to fantasy, we can be on the Moon, or on the other side of the Galaxy. In an instant, the mind can travel millions of kilometers and years. It can be everywhere and at once. So why, having such a limitless mind, do we become attached to a certain coordinate system?

Imagine an experiment that I hope will never be implemented. A person who has completely lost his memory is placed in a completely empty, white room. He has complete amnesia; he knows and remembers absolutely nothing — a blank slate. And at a certain moment, a certain bright object appears from the wall at the far end of the room, which attracts attention and makes you want to pick it up or examine it closer. Our guinea takes a step forward but does not have time, as the object quickly disappears. It will take an ordinary person 10 seconds to run the fastest run to this object. But it only appears for 5 seconds. Do you think the subject will be able to catch it?

Probably yes. After all, he does not know the limits of his abilities, he does not know that the fastest runner on the planet will need 10 seconds. He will be in time for 5. Just not realizing that this is impossible and contrary to any logic.

But still, there is a limit. This is the limit of physical possibilities, no matter how incredible they are. Human muscles, bones, and tendons have their margin of safety. Even if, without understanding these limits, our test subject repeatedly exceeds them, he will not be able to reach the object, for example, in 2 seconds. This leads to unexpected conclusions.

Thought and matter

What is the mind at its core? This is brain activity based on impulses in the head cortex. That is, the mind without the body cannot exist. Think of the Indian gurus who immerse themselves in meditation for years and even decades. While they are traveling in their own “parallel dimension”, their body is inactive. But he needs to be fed and watered. Otherwise, death will come, the impulses in the brain will die out and the mind will cease to exist.

This greatly complicates the theory of relativity of time and space. After all, if there are no boundaries for the mind, and, as we have already seen, the units of measurement of time and distance are very arbitrary, then a person could be anywhere in an instant. Or live forever, because time does not exist. But this is not so, given that the mind is a derivative of the activity of our physical brain. Yes, it is possible to multiply its capabilities, but it will not be possible to achieve complete freedom without a body. But I will ask a shocking question: who said that the mind and the physical body are two different things?

The universality of matter

What is the matter that makes up everything in the universe? Even with the modern development of science, no one can unambiguously answer this question. We have made significant progress in the study of molecular and atomic structures. But found that even their electrons, neurons, and protons are made up of quarks. It is quite possible that a quark is not the smallest particle either. A very important conclusion follows from this – any matter is basically homogeneous, it consists of the same particles that form certain structures.

Thus, our body, and, for example, the soil on the Moon, consist of the same matter! Like everything else in the foreseeable and boundless world. We only perceive objects according to our formed evaluation system. Awareness of hardness, softness, cold, and heat are just programmed impulses in the brain. What if they were reprogrammed? Why not, we already know that the basis of the matter is one, and the possibilities of the mind are endless. For example, taking a burning coal in hand, the matter of which our hand consists will change its structure, like refractory clay, which the heat will not harm. Of course, the key question becomes — can we change the structure of matter with the help of the mind?

Awareness of the unity of the universe

So, we understand that the whole Universe consists of a single matter. Each of us is just a particle of this homogeneous matter, which fills everything. And the perception of oneself in a specific place and unit of time is just an illusion, because everything is one. Mankind has been given a huge gift – the mind, as an instrument of knowledge. His true possibilities are limitless, but are deliberately limited by certain barriers. It’s like being inside a fragile ball – you just need to touch it, and it will burst, revealing an incredible space. But we don’t do it because we think it’s impossible.

Mind and body are one, this is the most incredible “duo” in the universe. A mind is a tool for changing matter, perception of time, space, and distance. The main task of mankind is to know its capabilities and learn how to use it. Then and only then does the gap between mentality and physics disappear. After all, the mind can allow to “disassemble” its material body, and in the blink of an eye assemble it on the most distant planet from the same matter that everything consists of. This is a way to live forever, to exist outside of time and space, because they do not exist.

Great Architect

Reflecting on the structure of the Universe, we ultimately ask ourselves the question – is everything subject to a certain order, or is it chaos? After all, being part of a single whole, a person must initially see the essence of this device. In other words, a born baby, not driven into the framework of thinking, would have the opportunity to control time, space and matter. But it’s not. Of course, children often surprise us with a completely non-standard view of things, nevertheless, they are deprived of these “superpowers”.

From this it follows that the universe is still subject to a certain order. Even a baby born into the world is already programmed as a particle of the general system, and only reasonable activity subsequently allows pushing these boundaries. Someone calls this phenomenon a genetic code, but in fact, even it is based on a certain plan. Does this mean that the universe itself is intelligent?

Imagine the Universe as some kind of operating system or software environment that controls everything. Each operating system has its own developer, who is often referred to as the Architect. It is this developer who creates the basis, the core of the system, and determines the principles and algorithms of its operation. It already initially laid down a certain design and “starting points”. But now a new subject, our baby, gets access to this operating system. He is free to use it as he pleases. But at the same time, it cannot interfere with the source code, just use the existing functionality.

It’s like working on a computer. If we need to close one window and open another, just click the mouse. But it’s not enough just to click, you need to know exactly where. Better yet, use the system command by entering it in the built-in “terminal”. But you need to know what code to enter, because the system only responds to the exact commands carefully provided by the developer.

Yes, over time, thanks to his mind, a baby can make significant progress in studying the operating system of the Universe, using all the opportunities that it offers. But at the same time, he is guided by the principles that were originally laid down in the source code by the first Architect. This proves the existence of a higher plan, to which everything is subordinated. Who is this Architect? Some call it God, others call it higher intelligence, others call it nature. However, this does not change the essence of things, but only our subjective perception of reality.

Studying the system of the Universe

The highest meaning of human existence is the knowledge of oneself as a common part of the Universe. Understanding the unity of everything, where we are not a separate “cog”, but an integral part of the universe. Instead, humanity has backed itself into a dead corner. Which is called “materialism” and ignorance. For thousands of years, society has formed in the minds of people their limitedness, and separation from everything that exists. We continue to live within the limits set by someone, without making any attempts to break this vicious circle. We use the measurement system without questioning it. We perceive time, space and matter as something finite and unchanging. In other words, using a tiny fraction of all possibilities.

We have been given the intellect to study the “operating system” of the Universe, to understand that no boundaries really exist, it is eternal and endless, like ourselves. There is no limit to the possibilities, if only the path to their knowledge.

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External battery for charging MacBook. Which one to buy?

Power supply problems cause certain difficulties with charging the MacBook. In addition, a portable charger will also be needed for travelers or people who often work outside the home or office. If for smartphones, such as iPhone, there are a lot of various power banks, then it is more difficult to choose a laptop. However, such devices exist, they allow, if not to fully charge the laptop, then at least significantly extend its battery life. This article will look at which external batteries are suitable for Macs. On this site, you can view a list of Ukrainian interactive maps of military operations and air raid applications.

Choosing a Power Bank for MacBook

Какой Power Bank подойдет для MacBook

So, our goal is to choose a high-quality power bank that can quickly charge your MacBook. I must say right away that the range of such gadgets is quite limited, but there are plenty to choose from. First of all, a few words about the necessary characteristics of the device. The fact is that the laptop battery has a fairly large capacity, depending on the MacBook model, it can be either 49.9-watt-hour (MacBook Air M1) or 100-watt-hour (MacBook Pro 16” M1). In comparison, the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 16.75-watt-hour battery. That is, to charge a Mac, you need a Power Bank with a high capacity.

Please note that most power banks write the capacity in mAh. This is not entirely true, because this indicator depends on the battery voltage of the device. For example, a 10000 mAh Power Bank can fully charge an iPhone with 5 volts, but this will not be enough for a MacBook with a voltage of 11.41 V. This means that the laptop will be charged, but partially. How to choose a powerful Power Bank?

It is best to focus not only on the capacity in mAh but also on the power. To do this, carefully read the characteristics and compare them with the parameters of the Mac charging adapter. For example, if the manufacturer notes that the battery is suitable for charging devices with a power of 65 W, this means that it will properly charge the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 (45 W and 60 W). And for more powerful MacBook Pro 14, 15, 16 inches, 67, 96, 140 W power is required. For a simpler understanding, I give the desired characteristics of the MacBook external battery:

  • capacity 30,000 mAh or higher;
  • power depending on the Mac model: 45W, 60W, 67W, 96W, 140W (we check the marking on the charger of our laptop);
  • support for fast charging QuickCharge (desirable);
  • the presence of the necessary ports (USB, USB-Type-C).

I note that ideally, for portable charging of a MacBook, it is best to use home charging stations such as EcoFlow, BLUETTI, etc. Apple itself offers the following devices on the official website.

Mophie powerstation pro

Портативная зарядка Макбук Mophie powerstation pro
  • Fast charging devices up to 45W.
  • Capacity 20,000 mAh (enough for 8+ hours of laptop operation).
  • USB-C PD in/out.
  • Power indicator LED.
  • Premium fabric finish.

CalDigit TS3 Plus Dock

Зарядная станция CalDigit TS3 Plus Dock
  • Laptop charging up to 87W (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13”, 15”).
  • Supports two 4K 60Hz displays or one display up to 5K 60Hz.
  • Two Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports.
  • Allows daisy-chaining of Thunderbolt devices.
  • Five USB-A 3.0 ports and two USB-C ports.
  • Slot for reading SD UHS-II cards.
  • One DisplayPort video port.
  • Microphone line in and 3.5mm audio out.
  • Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • Setup in macOS using Plug and Play technology.

Brief conclusions

Характеристики внешнего акуумулятора для Мак

To charge your MacBook at home, you need powerful external batteries, depending on your laptop model. As well as high capacity, which is enough to fully charge the battery. It is possible to use a Power Bank from 10000 mAh, but this is only enough for a partial charge. It is best to use portable charging stations (if the budget allows). Pay attention to the condition of your laptop battery, your MacBook battery may need to be replaced. Remember that the new battery holds a charge for a long time (on average 15-20 hours), which is enough for long-term work without recharging.

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